It's been 10 months since I posted....and a lot, I mean a lot has happened in that 10 months to keep me off line.  But I've missed posting, I've missed you so it's time for CHANGE!  I've recommitted to a better schedule which should allow me to post regularly.  I also have a goal to update my photo page so you can see all i've been up to behind the scenes.

Here's the quick update from the last 10 months:
-work got crazy busy last fall
-in the crazy busy we also decided to finish the basement and move the studio downstairs
-during renovations my husband broke his leg--it slowed down renovations and moving the studio 
-our daughter-expecting twins got ordered by her doctor to stay off her feet and not work, we tried to help out when we could
-the twins were born-healthy and happy
-I started teaching regularly 
-my husband got hit by a van while out riding his bike this spring
so with all that going on--we just finished out to do list from last November!
-the studio is moved downstairs--pictures soon
-we're making plans and changes and and re-prioritizing our goals and to do lists

thanks for staying patient.  I'll be back real soon and  sharing quilting and machine embroidery projects with you.  


07/16/2014 2:48am

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10/19/2015 2:11am

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