That's right, I said it, Happy New Year!  January 1st might be the start of our official calendar new year but the day after Labour Day is always the start of a new year for me.  It goes back to all those years at school, summer was over, you put on a new back to school outfit and it was a new year! 
Now, the day after labour day still marks a new year for me.  Guilds and clubs of all kinds start back up after a summer hiatus of some sort.  Classes for new techniques in whatever your craft may be are scheduled to start soon and we start that march toward Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas.
This fall, what are you going to start back up?  Are you going to finish a quilt?  Do those Christmas stockings you've been meaning to do for the past couple of year? 
I'll be on the road a lot, the new 6D software is going to be released to the public  around October 1st.  I'm starting my tour in Halifax showing some very excited quilters and machine embroiderers just how this new software works.  I can't say much about it now--O.K.  due to a confidentiality clause I can't say anything about it now, other than IT IS GREAT!  A whole new look, new designs and some new ways of doing things, but don't worry if you're a current user of other software or earlier versions, it's not so different that you will be lost.  Believe me, you will want to upgrade.    With all of those back to school sales, now is a perfect time to upgrade your computer if you need to.  This new software only works on Windows 7 or 8.
Again, Happy New Year everyone, make your crafting resolutions now and hey maybe you should go buy your back to crafting new outfit too!



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10/02/2015 5:44am

Labor Day celebration is a US holiday. It is a festival of the American labor association as well as is devoted to the social as well as the economic success of workers.

10/09/2015 2:34am

Happy New Year! Finally, the summer was over and the school going to start. I think that is very boring when we have to go to school after summer.


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