Recently I had the opportunity to attend a series of talks by one of the Quilting Stars of our times.  Ricky Tims, if you don't know who he is then you need to pop over to his website to learn all about caveman quilting. 
Ricky was a gracious host, sharing his knowledge in clear and concise terms, without being too technical, too boring or too full of himself.   Being a great quilter does not necessarily equate with being a great lecturer.  In turn a great orator may not be able to quilt.  Ricky Tims is both a great quilter and great lecturer.
He provided challenges and inspiration, he made me squirm just a little bit as I considered leaving my comfort zone and cutting into that fabric without a ruler.  He made me dream and add projects to my to do list.  Knowledge that I already had sitting at the back of my skull was reintroduced and I had a couple of "ah ha" moments. 
Every time I attend a lecture or trunk show at a guild meeting a store event or large show event I tell myself it was worth it if it made me think, if I learned one new thing or left inspired.  I walked away from each of the three lectures in this series, smarter and inspired with a brain full of new ideas.
Now the challenge?  To implement some of his ideas and i



04/23/2014 12:57am

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