This week I gave up the battle and crossed over to the dark side.  No I didn't join forces with Darth Vader, nor will I ever say "it's not really quilting if you don't do it by hand"  but I did buy a PC with Windows.  I am a die hard MAC fan so this was really a painful decision for me.  But after just a couple of hours I am already glad I made this decision. 

I run three pieces of software that require windows--I won't bore you with how I tried to get them to run smoothly on my MAC, the countless times of getting booted out, crashing, falling asleep while it was so slow,...... suffice it to say I tried for months and wasn't happy with the results in speed and fluidity.

So now my 5D Professional Software and my Quilt Design Creator software have a new home.  After an initial 'test drive' of these programs in their native environment I am excited to be working with them again.  They are fast and easy to use.  I've already created a quilt label and 'tweaked' an embroidery design as part of my test and was so happy with them both I am going to use them.  6D will be on the market soon--think a new fall project for yourself--and I have a beautiful new home for it. 

Now for the hard part--moving certain files over and re-organizing them.  Sounds like a job for a laptop, an easy chair and a nice cool drink!

I will still use my TruE Embroidery software for my MAC  and will always return to this for certain projects.   Now I have a choice and since they all work together rather seamlessly, I truly have the best of both worlds. 



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