Five months today--that's right, it will be here before you know it.  
I am getting lots of emails and notices from some of my favourite quilt shops about their Christmas in July sales.  Their new Christmas fabrics have arrived and if you want to get a particular line before some of it's all gone, now is the time to make that list and go shopping.

We need to do so much more than shop.  Though I just love adding to my Christmas stash, in fact my Christmas fabric is even stored separate from my regular stash!  Ocassionally, I open up that cupboard and look and fondle that wonderful fabric and dream of the beautiful gifts I will make for family and friends.  Then Christmas comes around and I give these family and friends perfectly lovely gifts I have purchased for them because I didn't get around to making their gift.  

Last year I got a good start on some Christmas gifts, table runners with a themed novelty fabric based on a classic Christmas Cartoon.  I even went and bought a DVD to go with each gift thinking of my adult children in their own homes huddled under a quilt I had previously given them, eating popcorn out of a bowl placed on this table runner and watching the movie.  They would sigh and smile at the end and think that I had given them a wonderful gift allowing them a 30 minute reprise from the hectic Christmas pace.  But that just didn't happen, I got busy, too busy and didn't get these gifts finished.  I had every intention of finishing them early in this year and have them ready and waiting for Christmas, after all, they are all pieced, they just need the quilting and binding.  Now we are more than halfway through the year and they sit in the Christmas cupboard waiting to be finished.  I will make them my Christmas in July project and hopefully my grown children and their families will have that wonderful experience this year.....I hope.



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