Last night my nephew Nickolaus graduated from grade 8.  He casually let me know a few weeks ago that "somebody should be getting a quilt ready".  
Three years ago when his brother graduated from grade 8, I made him a quilt to mark the 'start of high school' and the new adventures that would be in his life.  I did announce that as each of them marked that passage between grade school and high school that they would get a quilt made just for them.  
But they are boys, and I don't mean just boys, I mean these boys are a real guys' guy.  They hunt, fish drive dirt bikes and ATV's way too fast and love to camp.  What do boys like this want with a quilt? Did I say his tux was a special edition salute to Duck Dynasty?  However, I had said I would do it so already had his quilt top finished before he even dropped the hint to me.
I made his quilt in black and white, I think black and white quilts are pretty and can be very manly.  There are splashes of purple throughout--his favourite colour and the backing is flannel (almost all my quilt backs are flannel for lots of reasons, but that's another post), the flannel is batman fabric--also a favourite of his.  The quilting is computer generated, in a variegated purple thread (almost always variegated and again another posting) and it has music notes and hearts on it.  It is my prayer as I make these quilts that this young man will grow up and dance to the music in his soul.  
 I wish Nickolaus many happy dreams and adventure planning as he sleeps under this quilt.  



07/08/2014 4:13am

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