School might be out for summer for the kids, but my education is just starting.  Summer is a time of making samples, learning new software releases  and yes, even starting those Christmas projects.  When Fall gets here, and it will get here quicker than we want it to, I will be so busy assisting with the launch of some products--all top secret right now, but I will tell you that you will just LOVE some of the new products and enhancements that are coming out this fall.  
So while some of you are taking the summer off from your quilting or sewing projects, I will dive into mine head first.  It's not really work though when you love it as much as I do, so Summer really does mean playtime for me.

Why don't you join me.  We often don't want to commit to a whole big project of quilting or sewing in the summer but why don't you commit to learning one new technique this summer?  A small project will do.  

Remember too our Christmas in July special.  Any quilt brought in for quilting that is a Christmas themed quilt will receive a 10% discount.



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summer means sunshine, sandy beaches etc .playtime is one of the most valuable.


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