It's not as much about the actual  location of your crafting space as it is about the mindset you have when you start your crafting.
Like many people I started out on this hobby road with an old portable sewing machine set up on the end of the kitchen table, which meant it came down every time we wanted to eat at the table. I could only dream of the day when I might be able to have some dedicated space.   Eventually space became available in the house so I could set a small table up in the 'spare bedroom", then my 'sewing' only had to be put away if we were having overnight company.  Somewhere along the line that room transitioned from "the spare room" to "the SEWING room"--nothing physical actually changed, it was the same room with the same bed and the same card table holding the same sewing machine.  What changed was my mindset.  I realized that on a good day it was the sewing room and on a bad day--you know those days where you take out more stitches than you put in?  well, on those days that space reverted back to being the spare room.
Did my mindset really impact how I viewed my hobby?  Of course it did!  If that was the case, and I started each day with a grandiose mindset, would that be reflected in my work?  Of course it would!  Once I realized that I no longer quilted or crafted in the spare room or even the sewing room, that room became my "STUDIO".  A sewing room is where you go to sew, a STUDIO is where you go to create, to live large, to dream big.  It might be the same room, with the same bed, the same table and the same machine but I was now entering the STUDIO, a place where dreams could be made.  


Don Berry-Graham
06/12/2013 8:58am

Very Nice thanks for all the effort.


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